Welcome to BombitUP APKs! We care a lot about keeping your info safe and sound. This page tells you how we handle your personal stuff when you visit our website.

1. Collecting Your Info

  • What we collect: When you pop by our website, we find out your IP address (kind of like your internet street address), what type of browser and device you’re using, and your operating system. We also keep track of which pages you look at and what you click on our site.
  • If you talk to us: If you send us a message through our website, we’ll ask for your name and email so we can chat back. We promise not to dig into super private stuff like your bank details or health info.

2. Why We Need Your Info

We use the details we get to make your visit to our website as cool as possible. We might use your IP address to sort out any tech troubles and to keep our website running smoothly. We also use cookies (tiny internet trackers) to remember your preferences and learn what you like, so we can make our site even better for you.

We don’t give your info to anyone else unless we absolutely have to by law.

3. Keeping Your Info Safe

We’re all about keeping your personal info safe. We use the best tools and tricks to protect your data from being snooped on or messed with.

We’ll hang onto your info just as long as we need to for the stuff we mentioned here, or as long as the law says we have to.

4. Your Rights

You’ve got the right to see the info we have about you, fix any mistakes, or ask us to delete it. Plus, if you’re not cool with how we’re handling your data, you can tell us to stop or even complain to the big bosses who make sure we’re doing things right.

5. Changes to This Policy

We might tweak this Privacy Policy now and then. If we do, we’ll let you know by putting the updated version on our website. Do check it out from time to time to stay in the loop.

6. Get In Touch

Got questions? Just want to say hi? Drop us an email at [email protected] or write to us at the address below: