Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP (4 Apps)

Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP (4 Apps)

Are you searching for the best prank apps like Bombitup? But you don’t know which app is free and safe to use. Dont worry. You are at the perfect blog. We have done a lot of research in 2024 and we will tell you the best prank apps like Bombitup that our team also used and tested by pranking others. These apps are safe and secure. Thus, you will not face any legal issues using our recommended application.  

Many third-party websites offer numerous applications and tell you those are similar to Bombitup apps. But that’s not true; they just impress you, and later, you face many legal issues. So, avoid using third-party software. Now we are going to 4 best prank apps like Bombitup to prank your friends in this article. Keep reading!

What is BOMBitUP?

Bombitup is a tool that allows you to prank your families, friends, and most favorite persons. So, it’s an app that can smile on your face by pranking your loved ones. The standout thing about this app is that it’s free of cost. However, you don’t need to pay fees or charges. Many users think that it offers few features. But that is not the reality; it has numerous features. 

It is one of the most well-known websites in the online market for pranking anybody. Furthermore, Bombitup allows you to send anonymous text messages and emails and make prank calls. You can also send entertaining messages as you want. Additionally, the app is popular online because it offers amazing features and a simple user interface. Thus, if you are a newbie using this tool, you can easily use and enjoy it.

Another important thing to note is that it comes for entertainment and lets you flood someone’s mobile number with prank messages. So, could you not use it to harm others? Moreover, you can also surprise your loved ones with a flood of “happy birthday” text. Overall, with this app, you can send an infinite count of messages at a time.

List of 4 Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP

We have discussed in detail Bombitup above in this article, and now we will tell you the 4 best prank apps like Bombitup. These applications give the same features as bombitup to prank others online.

Here is a list of the 4 Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP: 

  1. SkTech Bomber App
  2. Beast Bomber
  3. My Tools Town SMS Bomber
  4. SMSBomberAp

Well, many pranking apps are similar to the Bombitup application. But here I will discuss the 4 Best Prank Apps Like BOMBitUP. In addition, if you use these prank apps to hurt someone rather than for entertainment, Then you may face legal issues. Now, I will briefly discuss one by one websites to provide you with information about them. 

SkTech Bomber App

App NameSkTech Bomber App
App Size7 MB 
Free / PaidFree

SKTech bomber tool only supports Indian phone numbers. It is an SMS bomber as well as a call bomber tool. Moreover, it is an Android software developed by the company. Therefore, it allows you to deliver hundreds, even thousands of prank messages to friends. Like the bombitup app, its interface is simple and easy for all users. 

The drawback of this app is that it is not available on the Google Play Store. But don’t worry. You can use it on their website. Furthermore, you will also find its official website link on this page. The best thing about SKTech is its developer constantly updates the application with advanced features. 

You can enjoy the app test opportunity when you open its website. So, before downloading its app, you can try it by making unlimited spam calls to your friends. It also has slow, fast, and normal mode options. Thus, you can set your SMS sending speed and see your loved one’s reaction by sitting with them.

Beast Bomber

App NameBeast Bomber
App Size150MB
Free / PaidFree

Beast Bomber is one of the best prank apps like Bombitup. It is a free-to-use application. In addition, it offers spam calls, email, discord, SMS, and telegram. Hence, it’s an advanced application specially made for pranking someone. Besides, it has an enormous inventory of interesting features to use freely. 

It does not have any test opportunities. Thus, you must first download this application if you want to use it. It is free to download. Further, its size has yet to be recognized. But don’t be anxious. When you download the tool, you can see its size and how much space it takes in your gadget storage. 

My Tools Town SMS Bomber

App NameMy Tools Town SMS Bomber
App Size1.44 MB
Free / PaidFree

My Tools Town also has an SMS bomber application. It gives users an option to use this software on their site online. Furthermore, you can also get the app free of cost from their website. It also allows you to schedule your messages. So, you can send spam messages to your friends whenever you want. It is also a very simple and impressive application that attracts users towards this app.

To send messages, go to the website and put your friend’s mobile number. Also, you can send an unlimited count of spam messages. This website has medium, fast, or slow speed mode options. Therefore, you can select any one mode that you want. Again, we prefer to use its app compared to the website.


App NameSMSBomberAp
App Size2.2MB
Free / PaidFree

SMSBomberAp is the last selection of the best prank apps like Bombitup in this list. Like other apps, it also helps you with calls and messages bombing your friends. It has a very simple and interactive interface that helps you to understand its interface effortlessly. Besides, all the application content is available on the homepage and is understandable for you. 

This pranking application is free, and you don’t need to pay any charges. So, go to its official site, download the app from there, and enjoy it for prank purposes. Additionally, if you want to test the SMSBomberap before downloading its app, you can do it on its website. But we will recommend you use its APK instead of a website.

The amazing thing about the SMS Bomber app is it is updated frequently for a better user experience. This tool is available on many gadgets like iOS, PC, Windows, and Android. It is considered one of the most famous pranks and digital marketing software on the internet.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best prank apps like bombitup that you can try. My favorite is the My Tools Town SMS bomber app, but you can use one that suits you. With these apps, it’s significant to prank your colleagues and surprise them immediately. Lastly, don’t use all these tools to disrespect anyone. Besides, if you face any issues during the downloading or are using any tools, You can contact us anytime. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, prank applications are safe to use and pose no harm to the users. Therefore, you mustn’t don’t disrespect others while enjoying these tools. Also, it would be best to use them in cases where these apps have a chance to hurt others.

Some prank apps are free to use, while some apps are not free. You need to pay a few charges. But don’t worry. All the above-mentioned pranking apps are free to use. Additionally, before downloading any app, confirm whether it’s free or not.

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